Nobody Talks About The Muscle in Your Back Which Can Cause Depression, Pain and Anxiety!

Back And Spine

In this article, we’re going to discuss about the so called “muscle of the soul” or otherwise known as the psoas major muscle. This muscle is close to the hip bone. It has an influence on our mobility, flexibility, our structural balance, the joints etc.

This is a muscle which supports a proper posture of your body. When you stretch it out, you release the tension.

According to researchers, it’s very important for our psychological wellbeing. Liz Koch, who is the author of “The Psoas Book”, claims that it is a very important muscle for every human being connected to the physical stability. This muscle is the only one which ties the legs with the spinal column.

It goes from your legs to the spine and to the top of your thigh bone.

It is also tied to your diaphragm, that is responsible for our breathing and many physical symptoms like anxiety and fear are tied to it.

This muscle is also connected to the reptilian brain or otherwise called the most ancient part of our spinal cord as well as brain stem.

Because of the modern lifestyles we lead every day, this muscle is often stressed or constricted.

Chronic stress can also cause digestive problems, hip, back, knee pain as well as dysfunctional breathing.

The psoas muscle also has an effect on our feelings, behavior, view of life, the world we’re surrounded with etc. If it’s under stress constantly, it will affect our complete health.

People who have a constricted psoas often have physical tension, but also emotional tension. You can restore it if you manage to discover balance in this muscle.

In this way, you’ll be able to create balance in your vital energy.

This has been well known by the ancient gurus who knew that it is very important to have psoas muscles which are released.

If you feel some kind of strain while you sit or stand during yoga poses, it means that your psoas is probably constricted.

Make sure you never miss any of the symptoms since they can cause a lot of tension, mental as well as physical stress and as we have already mentioned lead to other health problems.

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