Hungry For a Big Mac? You Won’t Be After You Read These 10 Dirty Facts


Something that poses great danger to our health is to have food cravings especially the unhealthy ones. It can be a way for our organism to tell us something else.

 Fast food is something we can all afford to buy. It’s something we buy when we’re in a hurry, but next time you want to buy it, think about it. Here, we’re going to present you several reasons why.First, we have to mention one thing that will probably come to you as a shock. Did you know that when you’re eating a hamburger you’re actually consuming duck feathers and crushed beetles? Yes, we know it sounds disgusting!

Here are all the bad and similarly disgusting reasons why you shouldn’t eat this kind of food often:


Ammonium Sulfate

This kind of additive is often added into bread, but it actually a very harmful fertilizer that can especially harm your health and can also destroy various bugs.


 Silicone Oil

This kind of oil can be found in special meals like for example the Chicken McNuggets. It is also called dimethylpolysiloxane. It is actually a substance used to produce various medical supplies like for example contact lenses.



This is a type of amino acid which is often used by restaurants. Still, this amino acid derives from duck feathers or human hair and is used to give meat its flavor. It can be also used as bread softer and to prepare pastries.


This additive has been used by McDonald’s in numerous meals even though it has been pre-approved by the FDA for consumption.


Propylene Glycol

It’s a type of chemical found in food, but also in anti-freeze as well as in the cigarette producing industry! Can you imagine that?


Prescription Drugs

According to experts from the Hopkins University who have performed researches on duck feathers, numerous drugs from the type of anti-depressants but also many others are used in their breeding. Anytime you want to buy McNuggets or a McChicken sandwich, think about the way this type of poultry was fed.



This is a substance which has been frequently found in foods that are deep-fried, but also in other things like caulking, silly putty, contact lenses, conditioners, shampoos, heat resistant tiles, cosmetics, polishes, etc.


Carminic Acid

This type of acid is used to give food its color, especially red meat. It has been discovered to be synthesized by Cochineal beetles.



This can sound strange, but this is a compound that is discovered in almost all kinds of fast food dishes that are present on a standard menu.


Silicon Dioxide

This compound is actually industrial sand which is used to keep chili sauces from together. Who wants to eat that?

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