A 60-Year Old Woman Shares Her Tips For A Happier And Healthier Life


We can fight many things in life, but not time. Aging can make us feel hopeless, and you can’t really feel it until it hits you in the face. The fear of aging is at the top of the fears list for millions of people, and they’re totally right to be afraid of it. Aging brings unpleasant changes to our body, most of which we can’t reverse. Wrinkles, hormonal problems and a variety of other problems can make us look older than we feel, which is why people are always looking for a way to erase the signs of aging. If you really want to defeat aging and feel much better, you should know that the change begins with you.

Margaret Mannin is a 60-year old woman who has managed to “defeat” time by simply focusing on the positive aspects of life. She retired at 60 in order to reinvent herself, and recently published a list of positive advices for everyone who wants to stay young.

Here are some of them:
  • Find a job that will keep you motivated
  • Always look on the positive side – remember, you only live once
  • Keep in mind that things can take an unexpected turn
  • Live NOW
  • Enjoy every passing moment with love
  • Never change who you are
  • Enjoy your surroundings and avoid confinement
  • You can’t avoid aging – it’s a natural process. You can only embrace it
  • Age is just a number – it shouldn’t define you
  • Don’t worry about getting older – worry about not getting bored
  • Keep positive memories, but try not to live in the past
  • You should accept the mental and physical changes that come with aging
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Don’t follow the stereotypes of getting old
  • Be inspired and never stop reading or writing
  • Forget about wrinkles – they are the path of your life
  • Be grateful and try to avoid letting fear dominate you
  • Remember – no one’s perfect
  • Avoid spending too much on shoes and wear classic clothes that never go out of style
  • The weather is unstoppable, so you should learn how to take advantage of it


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