50% of All Colon Cancer Cases Can Be Avoided If We Stay Away from These 9 Things


Colon cancer is a very common issue that affects millions of people around the globe every year. If it’s caught in time, the death rate is not so high, but it’s even better if you can prevent it from happening entirely which is possible if you just know some basic measures you need to take.


The colon is an essential organ with many functions, one of which is toxins and waste elimination. In order for tit to do its function properly, the colon needs to be healthy and clean, or otherwise its function will be obstructed. Obstructed colon function will inevitably lead to toxins and waste accumulation and this can result in a number of health problems.


Experts say that for a healthy colon we need to follow a healthy diet regimen, rich in vegetables and fruits, food rich in fibers and have balanced vitamin D levels. We need to lower or completely eliminate processed food, full of sugars and empty calories, as well as red meat since it’s considered to be one of the biggest cancer-causing foods and many experts link it to the onset of colon cancer.


Genetics are the cause of 5-10% of all colon cancers, unhealthy diet causes 35% of colon cancers while smoking and infections cause 30% and 20% accordingly. Colon cancer can also be influenced by some of the following factors:
Not enough fruits and veggies

Vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants and magnesium which reduce the risk of colon cancer significantly. They also abound in phytochemicals which can help reduce tissue inflammation and remove cancerous substances from your body. So if you want to protect yourself from colon cancer start eating more fresh veggies and fruits.


Fibers help your digestive system function better so if you want to protect yourself from digestive issues, including colon cancer, include at least 10 gr. of fibers on a daily basis.

Source: ecohealthyrecipes.com

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