10 Week No-Gym Home Workout Plan


We will present you an effective 10-week workout plan for man and woman who want to be fit, lose weight or shape their body. The best thing is that you don`t have to even go to the gym. You can work at home and choose the intensity of the recommended exercises. Be sure that this workout plan will get you the perfect-shaped and strengthened body!

But first remember that you will have to choose the right time for exercise and promise yourself that you will follow the challenge schedule without missing any step. And don`t forget to drink a lot of water!

10 Week Workout Plan


20 squats

15-second plank

25 crunches

35 jumping jacks

15 lunges

25-second wall-sit

10 sit-ups

10 butt-kicks

5 push-ups


10 squats

30-second plank

20 crunches

10 jumping jacks

25 lunges

45-second wall-sit

35 sit-ups

20 butt-kicks

10 push ups



40-second plank

30 crunches

50 jumping jacks

25 lunges

35-second wall-sit

30 sit-ups

20 butt-kicks

10 push ups


35 squats

30-second plank

20 crunches

25 jumping jacks

15 lunges

60-second wall-sit

50 sit-ups

35 butt-kicks

20 push ups


25 squats

60-second plank

30 crunches

55 jumping jacks

60 lunges

45-second wall-sit

40 sit-ups

50 butt-kicks

30 push ups

Saturday and Sunday – rest day

Cardio- by week:

1st- Thirty sec. sprint and thirty sec. jog /5x;
2nd- 35 sec. sprint and 45 sec. jog /6x;
3rd-45 sec. sprint and 1 min. jog /7x;

4th-50 sec. sprint and 45 sec. jog /8x;
5th-55 sec. sprint and 30 sec. jog /7x;
6th-1 min. sprint and 45 sec. jog /6x;
7th-65 sec. sprint and 1 min. jog /5x;
8th-70 sec. sprint and 45 sec. jog /6x;
9th-75 sec. sprint and 30 sec. jog / 7x;
10th-80 sec. sprint and 45 sec. jog /8x

How much of exercising is it enough to lose some weight?

There is no strict answer how much training you will need to lose some weight. If you are following the 10 weeks plan be sure that you will lose some weight. The real time for exercising depends on the individuals` needs, the shape of the body, the metabolism, and some other conditions.

A perfect training should be 45 minutes to 1 hour long, but it is not definitely the time that will be good for you. You should decide by yourself how much you could exercise and how much you can be concentrated or capable of doing the exercises. Whenever you will feel pain or tiredness, stop!You should exercise three hours per week of whenever you’d like to lose weight by moderate intensity workout. If your intention is to burn calories, get away the minimum dose of 150 min.for one week.
And, if you are a beginner it is recommended to start with fifty minutes and increase the time gradually to 200 minutes.

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